Lot 141 2 18th c. English delf blue & white plates probably Liverpool with a rock garden patt. Not Sold
Lot 142 Sm. pearlware blue & white pierced double handled basket transfer printed with a Willow patt. width approx. 18cm (7in) Hammer Price 38.00
Lot 143 Vict. pearlware transfer printed jug comm. "The International Exhibition Of 1862" ht. 16cm (6.25in) Hammer Price 90.00
Lot 144 Late 18th c. creamware coffee pot transfer printed with shepherd scene & tea party scene probably Yorkshire ht approx. 27cm (10.5in) Not Sold
Lot 145 Staffordshire cottage money box Hammer Price 40.00
Lot 146 Sm. Staffordshire pastille burner in form of floral encrusted castle Hammer Price 20.00
Lot 147 Staffordshire pastille burner in form of two storey house Not Sold
Lot 148 Carlton Ware "Reproduction Swansea China" vase No.624 as illustrated in "Collecting Carlton Ware" by David Serpell (page 34) & coying pattern illustrated in "Swansea Porcelain Shapes & Decoration" by A.E. Jimmy Jones, Sir Leslie Joseph (page 174) ht approx. 21cm (8.25in) Hammer Price 58.00
Lot 149 Royal Doulton stoneware vase incised initials BN for Bessie Newberry Hammer Price 62.00
Lot 150 Pr Royal Doulton green mottled glazed vases Hammer Price 15.00
Lot 151 Moorcroft baluster shaped table lamp Hibiscus patt. on cream ground Hammer Price 160.00
Lot 151A Royal Crown Derby heavily gilded cup & saucer Not Sold
Lot 152 Royal Doulton Rix marqueterie ware cornucopia shaped vase c. 1891-1906 ht approx. 17cm (6.5) (illustrated page 36 Royal Doulton by Jennifer Queree, London 1993) Not Sold
Lot 153 Royal Worcester vase hand-painted with roses signed S Pilsbury patt. No.2491 ht approx. 8cm (3.25in) Hammer Price 80.00
Lot 154 Royal Doulton blue butterfly Hammer Price 35.00
Lot 155 Royal Crown Derby cat paperweight painted in orange & gold colours Hammer Price 42.00
Lot 156 Royal Crown Derby ladybird paperweight Hammer Price 15.00
Lot 157 Royal Doulton character jug "The Gardener" modelled by Stanley James Taylor Hammer Price 12.00
Lot 158 Royal Doulton terrier with boot Hammer Price 35.00
Lot 159 Sm. Royal Dux figure of Scottie dog, pink triangle mark, impressed No. 151 Hammer Price 38.00
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