Lot 201 2 carved wooden wall plaques, Smiths brass clock & 1 other, pr "Knights Head" drop hammers, canon stamped Bassett Lowke, copper divers helmet etc. Hammer Price55.00
Lot 202 Wicker picnic set, sel. brass candlesticks, umbrella, shooting stick, leather briefcase etc. Hammer Price32.00
Lot 203 Sel. brass & copper inc. 2 miniature brass tip top tables Hammer Price48.00
Lot 204 Wooden book shelf, 2 prs wooden barley twist candlesticks, musical boxes, alarm clocks, ebony elephants, embroidered trivet etc. Hammer Price30.00
Lot 205 . N/S
Lot 206 . N/S
Lot 207 Copper & brass coaching horn & hunting horn Hammer Price6.00
Lot 208 Oak mantel clock with carved dec. Hammer Price30.00
Lot 209 Brass paraffin lamp with amber glass reservoir Hammer Price20.00
Lot 210 Mah. writing box with brass banding and brass plaque "J. Litchford Esq. Boothby" Hammer Price40.00
Lot 211 French slate mantel clock Hammer Price100.00
Lot 212 Vict. mah. solitaire board with 33 marbles Hammer Price720.00
Lot 213 Sawfish bill fashioned into a sword with copper plaque & tip approx. length of bill 53.5cm (21.5in) Hammer Price120.00
Lot 214 Brass ornate inkwell with ceramic liner Hammer Price25.00
Lot 215 Brass barometer John Barker & Co. Ltd Kensington Hammer Price35.00
Lot 216 Papier mache standish with 2 glass ink bottles N/S
Lot 217 Ornate French mantel clock with enamel dial Hammer Price45.00
Lot 218 Oak letter box made by "Parkins & Gotto London" Hammer Price120.00
Lot 219 Cast paraffin lamp with green glass reservoir & opaque glass shade with hunting scene Hammer Price35.00
Lot 220 Art Deco bronze of a lady in beaded bodice & flowing skirt on marble base ht approx. 56cm (22in) Hammer Price250.00
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