Lot 1 Repro Bush radio, tongue press, vases etc (AF) Hammer Price10.00
Lot 2 Laser circular saw 1200 w Hammer Price6.00
Lot 3 Various glass bottles including torpedo, codd, poison etc Hammer Price2.00
Lot 4 Various tilley style lamps Hammer Price75.00
Lot 5 Box of approx 100 1970s 45's Hammer Price10.00
Lot 6 50 LPs to include Queen, ELO, John Lennon, Beatles etc Hammer Price25.00
Lot 8 Assorted vintage glassware Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price30.00
Lot 9 Large quantity of 78 rpm discs upto 1950s Hammer Price4.00
Lot 10 Black Forest style cuckoo clock Hammer Price50.00
Lot 11 Quantity of wristwatches and pocket watches for spares/repair Hammer Price280.00
Lot 12 Quantity of wrist watches / pocket watches for parts/spares Hammer Price260.00
Lot 13 Various watch and clock movements, parts etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 14 Quantity of clock and watch parts / spares Hammer Price35.00
Lot 15 Clock & watch parts Hammer Price40.00
Lot 16 Large selection of pocket watches / wrist watches for spares/repair Hammer Price140.00
Lot 17 Various clock and watch parts Hammer Price70.00
Lot 18 Various pocket watch and wristwatch parts / spares Hammer Price140.00
Lot 19 Pocket watch / wristwatch spares, movements, parts etc Hammer Price260.00
Lot 20 Railway part uniforms - 'Sigman' signal man vest, VR jacket and hat Hammer Price30.00
Lot 21 Railway part uniforms - VR vest and trousers, hats, Serge jacket and trousers Hammer Price25.00
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