Lot 1 Various ceramics inc Royal Crown Derby & Wedgwood Hammer Price12.00
Lot 2 Assorted linen Hammer Price12.00
Lot 3 Various ceramics and glassware inc Lurpak & Border Fine Arts Hammer Price8.00
Lot 4 Japanese satsuma style part tea service & a vintage musical cigarette holder/stand Hammer Price6.00
Lot 6 Assorted ceramics and glassware inc Alfred Meakin & Wade Hammer Price12.00
Lot 7 Assorted ceramics inc Coalport and Royal Worcester Hammer Price50.00
Lot 8 Various glass and silver plate Hammer Price14.00
Lot 9 Assorted brassware inc horse brasses Hammer Price30.00
Lot 10 Selection of linen etc Hammer Price14.00
Lot 11 Watchmakers cabinet full of watch crystals Hammer Price340.00
Lot 12 Small metal watchmakers cabinet filled with watch crystals Hammer Price85.00
Lot 13 Cabinet of watchmakers parts including wristwatches, pocket watches, movements etc Hammer Price160.00
Lot 14 5 metal miniature Favorite watchmakers stacking cabinets filled with minor watch parts and spares Hammer Price90.00
Lot 15 Small cabinet of watchmakers parts Hammer Price90.00
Lot 16 Small cabinet of watchmakers parts and tools including crystals, hands, keys etc Hammer Price300.00
Lot 17 Small cabinet full of watchmakers useful tools including loops, small screwdrivers etc Hammer Price150.00
Lot 18 Watchmakers cabinet full of minor parts for wristwatch/pocket watch repair Hammer Price100.00
Lot 19 Watchmakers cabinet full of parts, pocket watches, movements etc Hammer Price120.00
Lot 20 Watchmakers cabinet full of minor/small parts Hammer Price120.00
Lot 21 Watchmakers cabinet full of parts, pocket watches, movements, tools etc Hammer Price260.00
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