Lot 624 Bangladeshi hand made tapestry 57 cm x 133 cm & various needlework inc flowers on silk Estimate10.00 -20.00 Hammer Price12.00
Lot 625 Pair of oils on board of shire horses ploughing, a limited edition print and a watercolour of a cottage Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price30.00
Lot 626 Acrylic on board of a ploughed field by Derek Adlam 100 cm x 69 cm Hammer Price6.00
Lot 627 2 framed needlepoints of a biblical scene & a woman writing at a table and an Edwardian framed decoupage panel Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price18.00
Lot 628 Watercolour 'Wild Bank' by Sylvia Knight 82 cm x 82 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price25.00
Lot 629 Limited edition print 'Dawn flight, mist clearing, mallard rising and the early upslow surprised' by Roland Emett signed and numbered 490/650 in pencil 83 cm x 69 cm Hammer Price20.00
Lot 630 Watercolour of a ship in stormy sea by C F Rump 49 cm x 30 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price20.00
Lot 631 Watercolour 'Study of an LNER A4' by David C Bell 41 cm x 40 cm Estimate30.00 -45.00 Hammer Price50.00
Lot 638 Limited edition print by Stephen Brown 68/400 'Concorde - Second to None' also signed by David Leney,John Lidiard and Christopher Orlebar complete with certificate of authenticity 83 cm x 62 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price26.00
Lot 639 Limited edition print by Mark Postlewaite 'Bismarck - into Battle' also signed by Hans Hellwig, Herbert Jahn, Fritz Mathes etc 82 cm x 58 cm with certificate Estimate30.00 -45.00 Hammer Price30.00
Lot 641 Framed watercolour of a wooded landscape with a river in the foreground signed H B Cross. Frame size 65cm by 59cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price18.00
Lot 643 Acrylic painting of a sleeping nude by D R Adamson from Winchester School of Art signed and dated 1963 60 cm x 70 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price20.00
Lot 644 Watercolour 'White Chrysanthemums' by Sylvia Knight 1984 66 cm x 91 cm Hammer Price40.00
Lot 645 Limited edition print 320/500 'September' By Helen Bradley (1900-1979) signed in pencil together with the Fine Art Trade Guild blind stamp 79 cm x 64 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price20.00
Lot 646 Hand coloured print of Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Square by Lincoln artist Gordon Cumming signed and dated 1974 64 cm x 64 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price30.00
Lot 647 2 limited edition lithographic prints signed and numbered in pencil by Vincent Haddelsey (1934-2010) 'The winner' 169/230 and 'The Stallion' 169/230 53 cm x 46 cm and 47 cm x 58 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price20.00
Lot 648 2 acrylic paintings by David Wood (1933-1996) including 'Glazier' 49 cm x 62 cm and 51 cm x 64 cm Estimate30.00 -45.00 Hammer Price30.00
Lot 652 1960s abstract linocut/woodblock print by D R Adamson from Winchester School of Art signed D.R.A dated 1967 62 cm x 50 cm Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price20.00
Lot 654 Watercolour of a seascape by A Clarence 32 cm x 44 cm Hammer Price6.00
Lot 655 Acrylic on board of sheep by F Williams 51 cm x 33 cm Hammer Price14.00
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