Lot 81 Various cottage ware, blue and white side plates, teapot etc Hammer Price12.00
Lot 82 Various ceramics including commemorative cups, mugs, saucers etc Hammer Price12.00
Lot 83 Assorted Sadler pottery ceramics inc teapot & ginger jar Hammer Price10.00
Lot 84 Ceramic collectors plates, commemorative mugs, Ronson table lighter etc Hammer Price14.00
Lot 85 2 Royal Doulton 'Virginia' pattern chamber pots and a Royal Doulton 5204 Lynn Art Deco part tea service (AF - some pieces broken) Hammer Price16.00
Lot 86 Wash set jug, Victorian part dinner service, 2 wooden boxes etc Hammer Price6.00
Lot 86A Assorted blue and white & pink and white ceramics inc Spode Hammer Price14.00
Lot 87 Various ceramics including Beswick dishes, collectors plates etc Hammer Price6.00
Lot 87A Various ceramics including tureens, moustache cup, Willow pattern plates, vases etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 88 17 boxed Myth & Magic by Tudor Mint figures inc Wizard Mountain, Crystal Chalice, Crystal Unicorn, Dragon King & Dragon Warrior Estimate50.00 -75.00 Hammer Price70.00
Lot 89 5 large boxed Myth & Magic by Tudor Mint figures - The dragon of the lamp, The Guardian of the crystal, The Defender, Master of the Glacier & Equus of the Sun Estimate30.00 -45.00 Hammer Price55.00
Lot 90 5 large boxed Myth & Magic by Tudor Mint figures - The fairy glade, The destroyer of the crystal, The startled wizard, A tranquil moment & The great sun dragon Estimate20.00 -30.00 Hammer Price50.00
Lot 91 3 Boehm figures - robin with snowdrops (af), great tit with daisies & crocus Hammer Price55.00
Lot 92 Carlton ware part coffee set (one cup and milk jug chipped) Hammer Price6.00
Lot 93 4 Lladro / Nao figures of ducks (AF some repairs) Estimate10.00 -20.00 Hammer Price18.00
Lot 94 3 limited edition Border Fine Arts clown figurines by Ben Black Hammer Price18.00
Lot 95 3 Royal Crown Derby Victorian vases with gilt decoration circa 1880s (2 missing lids and tall vase repaired) Hammer Price70.00
Lot 96 W & R Carlton blue lustre coffee set (chip to 2 cups) Estimate25.00 -40.00 Hammer Price25.00
Lot 97 Carton ware rouge royale ceramics inc Bullrushes jug Estimate25.00 -40.00 Hammer Price110.00
Lot 98 Herend fish candlesticks (one af) and fish ornaments Estimate40.00 -60.00 Hammer Price170.00
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