Lot 1 2 BB guns, 2 new bright remote control cars and a webcam Hammer Price20.00
Lot 2 Mixed lot including stone eggs, brass bottle opener, brass photo frame, paperweights etc Hammer Price12.00
Lot 3 Approx 7 oil lamp shades (AF) Hammer Price10.00
Lot 4 Various ceramics and glassware including Holmegaard, Sylvac, Medina etc Hammer Price16.00
Lot 5 Various ceramics inc Spode Hammer Price20.00
Lot 6 Assorted ceramics inc Staffordshire greyhounds (1 af) and Ironstone jug, glassware, plaque, books and cigarette cases etc Hammer Price5.00
Lot 7 Various oil lamp bases (some broken) Jones's flagon, oil lamp parts etc Hammer Price25.00
Lot 8 Selection of silver plate, wooden fruit bowl, Royal Doulton plates, dressing table set, playing cards etc Hammer Price18.00
Lot 9 2 boxes of boxed collectors plates inc Royal Doulton, Danbury Mint and Royal Copenhagen Hammer Price14.00
Lot 10 Various glassware including decanters and jugs Hammer Price10.00
Lot 11 Japanese porcelain tea set, Leonardo figure, Mason's jug etc Hammer Price12.00
Lot 12 Various part toilet sets including Crown Devon, vases and a magazine rack (2 boxes) Hammer Price16.00
Lot 13 5 oil lamp bases (AF) Hammer Price50.00
Lot 14 Bohemia crystal boxed set of 6 drinking glasses, Bohemia crystal large bowl, pair of Edinburgh crystal brandy glasses and a Royal Doulton crystal decanter Hammer Price20.00
Lot 15 Miscellaneous ceramics etc inc plant pots & soapstone oriental figures Hammer Price30.00
Lot 16 Various vintage toy cars, tractors etc Hammer Price14.00
Lot 17 Quantity of photography accessories including flash units, camera cases, light meters etc Hammer Price20.00
Lot 18 3 mantle clocks, cuckoo clock, vintage Bush radio and a small wall barometer (AF) Hammer Price30.00
Lot 19 Brass coal box, copper coal scuttle, heavy copper pan, copper kettle and a singer foot pedal Hammer Price55.00
Lot 20 Various games including Monopoly and chess sets Hammer Price18.00
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