Lot 1 6 vintage boxed Italeri 1:24 car model kits - Bugatti 41 La Royale no 702, Cadillac Town Car no 707, Cadillac Town Car no 707, Coup Napoleon Bugatti Royale Town car no 705, Chrysler Imperial Phaeton no 704 and Torpedo Cabriolet Rolls Royce Phantom II Hammer Price35.00
Lot 2 Briefcase, mantle clock (af), brass ceiling light etc Hammer Price16.00
Lot 3 Various ceramics, Folio Society book, silver plate, cigarette cards, ephemera etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 4 Quantity of alcoholic miniatures including VAT 69, Bells whisky, vodka, gin etc Hammer Price14.00
Lot 5 Quantity of boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear die cast model cars Hammer Price30.00
Lot 6 Quantity of boxed die cast model cars including Solido, Rio, Polistil, Matchbox etc Hammer Price25.00
Lot 7 Various ceramics inc Carlton ware, cameras and patterns etc Hammer Price6.00
Lot 8 Quantity of collectors plates, mainly cat themed Hammer Price12.00
Lot 9 11 bottles of alcoholic drinks including Tia Maria, Scotch Whisky, Cherry Liqueur, Scotsmac etc (all sealed) Hammer Price65.00
Lot 10 Various mixed ceramics including meat dishes Hammer Price10.00
Lot 11 BBC Acorn Microcomputer collection including two computers (one appears used as spares/parts) a joystick, two cassette decks (one missing top cover), user guide and a large selection of cassette games including Nightshade, Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore, Manic Miner, Starship Command and many more. Also includes a selection of 'The Micro User' magazines from the 1980s. Hammer Price50.00
Lot 12 Various ceramics and glass ware etc inc pair of Brentleigh vases, Hornsea & table lamp Hammer Price8.00
Lot 13 Various snooker/pool accessories including a miniature pool table, cues and balls, Belgian Aramith full size snooker balls etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 14 3 boxes of darts accessories including stems, flights, grip springs etc Hammer Price100.00
Lot 15 Various car repair equipment, 2 angle poise lamps etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 16 2 pairs of curtains (W 120" x L 80" and floral curtains W 42" x L 56") Hammer Price20.00
Lot 17 Various 35mm cameras including a Yashica Zoomate 70, Canon Sureshot 150U and a Zenit 2XP Hammer Price30.00
Lot 18 Various old bottle including Hewitt Bros. Grimsby & a jar Hammer Price18.00
Lot 19 3 decanters (one with chip to rim), Burns Crystal miniature decanter set, skeleton clock & a modern carriage clock Hammer Price25.00
Lot 20 Various alcoholic miniatures including The Famous Grouse, Ouzo, White Horse whisky etc Hammer Price8.00
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