Lot 1 Small Bisley cabinet containing watch makers tools and watch parts. Hammer Price200.00
Lot 2 Large Bisley cabinet containing a large quantity of watch crystals. Hammer Price130.00
Lot 3 3 small watchmakers cabinets/drawers with contents including staffs and stems Hammer Price140.00
Lot 4 Small filing cabinet with 2 drawers of watch parts Hammer Price20.00
Lot 5 Metal Waltham watchmakers parts cabinet with contents Hammer Price280.00
Lot 6 Watch cleaning machine Hammer Price65.00
Lot 7 Small filling cabinet containing mainly pocket watch parts. Hammer Price170.00
Lot 8 Various ceramics and glassware inc Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Wade Hammer Price18.00
Lot 9 Various ceramics inc Wade and Sylvac, blue and white ceramics & handbags etc Hammer Price10.00
Lot 10 Panasonic DVD 5.1 home theatre system with surround sound Hammer Price4.00
Lot 11 11 pieces of amber glassware Hammer Price16.00
Lot 12 Large quantity of Coalport and similar Crescent table wear with floral design. Hammer Price30.00
Lot 13 6 Aynsley coffee cups and saucers one with broken handle, floral Adderley coffee cups and saucers, Kaiser leaf dish, 2 glass decanters etc. Hammer Price20.00
Lot 14 Box of assorted ceramics inc Duchess and glassware Hammer Price10.00
Lot 15 Tank Command and Bumpershot game, doll, picnic set, umbrella & bag Hammer Price12.00
Lot 17 2 boxes containing camping equipment, ceramic cats, wireless keyboard, Harry Potter print etc and tapestry frame (not shown in picture) Hammer Price16.00
Lot 18 Toy fort and soldiers 61 cm x 53 cm Hammer Price18.00
Lot 19 Mixed lot including a part built model steam locomotive, silver plate, costume jewellery, pewter tankards etc Hammer Price55.00
Lot 20 Mixed lot including ceramics, glassware, printing plates relating to Freemasonry and a large fruit bowl (AF) Hammer Price10.00
Lot 21 Selection of pewter, brassware, ceramics and glassware Hammer Price8.00
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