House Clearance Services.
Taking a professional and sensitive approach.

A great deal of our auction room stock still comes from house clearances. We carry out clearances for solicitors and private individuals in many different circumstances from assisting with a simple house move to the administration of a deceased estate.

Our high levels of repeat business and recommendations can be attributed to our efficiency and sensitivity and our ability to maximise income for our clients by selling house contents through our auction rooms.

We offer a full or part clearance package depending on your requirements which may include:

  • Sorting of household contents for selling or disposal
  • Packing of saleable items
  • Supervised removal of all furniture and packed boxes to John Taylors Auction Rooms
  • Storage of items for an appropriate auction
  • Disposal of non saleable items

If you are managing a clearance from a distance, we can liaise with our property services offices to co-ordinate the full clearance and the sale of the property and its contents.

To discuss any clearance requirements from a few items to a full household, you can call us at the Auction Rooms on 01507 611107

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